Die fabelhafte Soulband “Combo de la Musica” hat abgeklatscht. Im High Five erfahrt Ihr so einige Basics und könnt euch die aktuellen Tourdaten schon mal fett im Kalender anstreichen. Wir behalten das Gespann um die Frontsängerin Kristin Amparo auf jeden Fall im Blick und versorgen Euch mit den neuesten Infos.

You present yourselves as „Combo de la Musica“- feat. Kristin Amparo. What was the defining spark that initiates this “groove symbiosis”? Is this more than a supportive cooperation? 

I´m not sure what a supportive cooperation is so I guess it´s more than that, yes. We always present our selves as “Combo de la Musica”, but more times than not, promotors like to say Kristin Amparo & Combo de la Musica or feat. Kristin Amparo or something like that.I don´t blame them. She is the lead singer. She is great. Many of us in the group grew up in the same area in Stockholm, and we have known each other for a long time both musically and beyond. We started playing together early and tried a lot of different styles and instruments too. Just playing around. I believe our groove is based on that experience. And I think Kristin, who came in later, had a similar experience and really appreciates that relaxed way of playing. The defining spark is having fun.

Listening to your music reminds me on the Tropico computer game series or on childhood Disney movies. I really love it, but don’t you think that this is a bit contradicting to your background? Remembering my trip to Sveg and Härdjedalen in 2008, your music appears like a strong fire, which melts that harsh snow and ice. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Everyone has a strong fire. We are lucky to help each other bring it out. Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open. Often, what you need, is right next to you. When the cold and dark takes over our land, everyone want´s to stay inside. That takes away all the alternatives of the summer. There is no barbecue, picnics and stuff like that. All you can do is stay inside and play music.Maybe because of the cold, you want to do something warm. 

Since the 28th of November you’re on tour in Germany. What did you experienced already? What are you still excited about?

Well the tour had the perfect start. We rented a car to go from Stockholm, but it turned out it had illegal tires on.

Obviously we had to fix that, which took a whole day and actually made us miss the first show in Malmö.. On the bright side, that extra time made it possible to mix a couple of more tunes for the CD that we are bringing so it wasn´t all bad. In sweden we say. “tur i oturen” – luck in the unluck. We are excited to perform of coarse and all that comes with it. You know, the people you meet, the places you see etc.. We are also excited to know how the german audience likes our new songs! As I write this, we are still in Sweden. Looking forward to playing in Kiel tonight! 

On the road you will probably introduce the greedy crowd to your new Record. Did you maintain the Sound, which is known from your EP? Does the Album have an extraordinary mark? 

The material on this special german tour CD is not recorded in the same place as the last 7″ record we released two years ago. Some of the songs are all live, without overdubs. Some have horn & chorus overdubs. Recorded and mixed in our rehearsal spot – Roslagen Records. The sound has a similarity but is a bit different. When we record, we like to keep the same vibe as when we play live or rehearse and have fun and be relaxed, so we just play and when we find the right feeling, we try to capture that sound. The most important thing for music and recording is having a good time and enjoying what you do. That feeling goes all the way through the speakers and into your ear. The sound is very nice! The german audience will be the first to hear this material and the next year we will make some additional recording and mixing and release a proper album which, to be honest, we didn´t have time to do for this tour. this is where we are at. The Album will definitely have an extraordinary mark because of the way it is made and the music that is on it.

Do you have any plans for 2014 yet? Are you going to enchant other countries with your Soul music and appear on some of the summer festivals in Europe? 

That would be great! We want to be able to play everywhere. We hope our upcoming record will take us places. Germany is a good start. Big up to Björn at Dynamite Conzerte for organizing this tour!

John Runefelt from Combo de la Musica